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Al-Qur’an Digital 2.1 (chm)9.39 MBComplete Al-Quran Digital version 2.1 in compiled html (chm) with Arabic ayah, Indonesian translation from Departemen Agama RI, index, topic and also asbabun nuzul.
Al-Qur’anul Kariim v1.13.30 MBhtml help (chm) version of Al-Qur’an and the Indonesian translation
Al-Arbain an-Nawawiyah182 KBhtml help (chm) version of popular hadith Al-Arba’in an-Nawawiyah with syarah by Ibnu Daqiqil ‘Ied with Indonesian translation
Hisnul Muslim 1.03 (chm)2.20 MBThe popular book of authentic supplications, “Hisnul-Muslim” (Fortification of the Muslim through Remembrance and Supplication from the Qur.aan and Sunnah]) compiled by the Shaykh, Sa’eed Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtaanee, and adapted into the English Language by Abu Safwan Farid Abdulwahid Haibatan
Fatwabase 4.991.26 MBThe latest version containing all the fataawa published on Fatwa-Online in one handy searchable ebook
Hisnul Muslim (pdf)1.29 MBPDF version of Hisnul Muslim with Indonesian translation
Hisnul Muslim (doc)491 KBWord version (*.doc) of Hisnul Muslim with Indonesian translation
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